Smart Content: The Content Analytics Conference

Who Should Attend?

Advertising and Public Relations Executives

Why: Consider how revenue models changed from Online Ad Placement (Real-Estate based) to Impressions-based advertising (eyeballs) to Search Engine optimization to Social Media Monetization. Web 3.0 technologies will change opportunities yet again. Knowing how, where and when to get your clients' message in front of an appropriate audience has never been more complicated... or precise! Learn new tips from your colleagues and the innovators themselves how to be ahead of the curve.

Business-focused researchers

Why: Discover real-world challenges faced by participants, expressed in their own words. Your research can solve those problems, and by attending, you can give your work a competitive edge by ensuring your work is most relevant to specific challenges. This conference is an ideal opportunity to find clients and investors.

Solution Providers: Semantics, Publishing & Content Management, Online Commerce & Advertising, Social Media & Listening Platforms, Search

Smart Content is the only conference of its kind. Not only is it an informative series of presentations with networking opportunities, it is also an opportunity to pitch your product or service with a message that will resonate with your prospective audience.

We collect information about conference attendees in advance and will provide some general demographics of attendees and how knowledgeable they are about your product segment. You have the opportunity to hone the pitch to the attendees, and locate the right prospects for your unique solution.

Web 3.0 Recruiters

Are your clients' organizations ready for the changes that are on the horizon? What kind of skills will your company need? Join us for a day of collaboration between core industry players to create a set of core competencies your clients’ organizations will need. This is also a smart recruitment opportunity for developers and business professionals.

Content, Publishing, and Media Organizations

When you consider the huge changes in content management technology, strategy, and monetization over the last decade, wouldn't it have been nice to have a roadmap and to have everyone, from marketing to IT, on the same page? With Web 3.0 applications like Semantic Search, Hyperlocality, Content Merchandising and Sentiment Analysis, your company may need new direction and support.

Change isn't easy. Synchronizing change across multiple departments is even less so. That's why the Smart Content Conference brings together the finest minds and most practical solutions to help make the transition to Web 3.0 technologies. More importantly, the Smart Content Conference provides compelling evidence why one solution versus another makes sense. This is a conference for both senior business development professionals and their counterpart IT implementers. Toward that end, we have provided a "bring the team" discount of $200 off of subsequent registrations from the same company. Now a knowledge base from a variety of sources will enable smart changes within your organization.

Venture Capitalists and Private Investors

According to a January, 2009 Forrester Research Report, the Text Analytics Industry will be worth more than $954 million by 2012 and is currently growing by 14% each year. The next generation of search and content analytics tools will be the product of the companies and researchers attending the content analytics summit. By having an early seat at the table, you can discover great talent and high ROI opportunities.


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